Your resume is important for applying to college, graduate school, and new jobs. Learn about these common resume mistakes.

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The Resume Problem

Students applying to college, graduate school, new jobs, or research positions are doing everything they can to stand out. As a result, the competition amongst job seekers and college applicants is…

Proofreading & editing are the final steps to writing a great article or essay. Find out why peer review is so powerful and how it can improve your manuscript.

When it’s time to edit your paper, do you have what it takes?

One of the greatest challenges facing all writers, students, and researchers is the task of being self-critical. Being able to look…

The college personal statement or admissions essay has always been a key factor in university admissions, but it has taken on a new role in 2020.

This article will detail seven helpful and simple tips that will help you brainstorm, organize, create, and edit the next life goal: Applying to…

Proofreading your college application essay is a must. At Wordvice admissions, we will help you get over the hump, but we know that a quality admissions essay begins and ends with you.

That’s why we’re partners in your admissions essay journey. You create. We polish. So take a look at…

At Wordvice, we look beyond the page and get to know our customer’s goals

Welcome to The Wordvice Workshop.

In the Workshop, you’ll learn about Wordvice’s philosophy towards customers, editing, and customer success. You’ll get to know why we view ourselves as guides, not just editors, in your creative process…

Most editors and writers dream of becoming a freelancer. This is my story of how I made the leap in the time of COVID-19

Building for the future…


In 2020, everything we once knew about the nature of work has changed. From office hours to commuting to workflows to management, everyone is scrambling to…

Can digitization and coronavirus change the long history of academic publishing?

Academic publishers are struggling to maintain their control of science research in the face of increased public scrutiny and the Covid-19 pandemic.


There is a fight going on about who owns ‘knowledge’. Is it the scientists who perform…

Andrew Kim

Andrew currently lives in Seoul, Korea. He works as a freelancer for Wordvice Editing Service and writes about science, expat life in Korea, and culture.

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